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Nude' shopping next big trend - NZHerald - 14 January 2019

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Great stuff New World! Removing/Reducing plastic packaging on fresh produce next step for ALL supermarkets??

" Foodstuffs have signed the NZ Plastic Packaging Declaration which is committed to making all store and private label packaging 100 per cent reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025. It has also introduced recyclable food trays – a measure that gives customers the opportunity to divert more than 80 million trays from landfill every year."

Nude' shopping next big trend


New year in, single-use plastic bags out at New Zealand supermarkets - 1NEWS - 01 Jan 2019

Finally!! Single-use plastic bags no longer available at NZ supermarket checkouts!New year in, single-use plastic bags out at New Zealand supermarketsSource: 1 NEWS

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Plastic Bags and Its Impact in Our EnvironmentPlastic bags are one of the most common items we see when we go shopping or buy food at the supermarket. It seems like we almost cannot live without them. They are convenient to use, lightweight and can easily be disposed of or reused. However, we all know [...]

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